An illustration from an essay (written by me!) on cross-cultural exchanges in the Renaissance.

Scene from a Pub

Catching Ghosts

Illustration from an article on the ethics of gaming.

Histrionic Pundit

Music Above it All

Illustration for Fantasea Fabrics

"The Cryptid's Descent"

"Comixtalk Magazine Cover." Commissioned work for


"The Green Chair." Commissioned work for

"Flying Rays"

"The Octopus Umbrella"

The Runaway Pig

"Godzilla in Traffic"

"The Labyrinth"

"The Marriage of Church and State." Cover illustration for Boston's The Weekly Dig.

Distracted. From the article "The Gravitational Model of User Expectation," found here:

The Otyugh Garbage Disposal

Illustration for the website "Sending the Message"

The Once and Future King: Caricaturing Mitt Romney

Vector illustrations for the Girl Scouts' Make Your Own Badge project.


Illustrations were created with a combination of traditional media (brush and ink, pen and pencil), Manga Studio, Photoshop and Illustrator